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How We Got Started

Rachel Speck, owner of Speck Fitness, was born and raised in Carlisle, a small town in Pennsylvania where she started learning classical ballet at age 3. She trained at one of the best ballet schools in the country, Central PA Youth Ballet, six days a week for hours each day. When she turned 15, she moved to Miami Beach by herself to train at Miami City Ballet. After dancing professionally in several capacities, but ultimatey growing to 5' 10", a bit too tall for most dance companies, she decided to continue her love and obsession for exercise and nutrition by becoming a personal trainer.

She is nationally certified and insured and also certified in pilates. Shortly after becoming certified, she started training a wide variety of clients. From ballet dancers, football players, celebrities, elderly, youth, male, female, very overweight, or those just wanting to tone up, she has trained them all and has helped them fullfill their goals. And she can help you attain success, too.

Besides one-on-one training, Rachel also teaches numerous classes and bootcamps. She teaches her famous Tendu Toning classes, as well as, pilates, weight sculpting, butt burning, and extreme abs at local gyms.

Rachel has created a unique nitch in the fitness world by creatively choreographing her own dance moves, turning them into extremely effective fitness exercises that completely sculpt and transform the legs and derriere. You can't spot treat, but you can tighten, tone and lift those problem areas with all the right excersises. Her other specialty is core work. Whether you are looking for that 6-pack or want to strengthen the abdomen and back for support, posture, and agility, she can motivate you toward results.

Rachel has now trademarked her creation Tendu Toning and is bringing it to you here in the store through the personal training, skype workouts, certifications, dvds, equipment for the workout, and apparel for both Tendu Toning and her company, Speck Fitness.