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Gliding disks/gliders

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Gliding disks/gliders

Tendu Toning® Glider are part of the Tendu Toning® workout.  Numerous exercises in he DVD and workout require the gliding disks.  You can place them under the feet or hands and slide on the ground.  They really increase the difficulty of an exercise like a lunge and add lots of cardio to it too.  These gliding disks as specifically for the Tendu Toning® Workout with the logo, and are double sided so they can be used on carpet or hard floor. 

-very durable 

-slide easily 

-can be used on any type of surface since they are double sided

-each box comes with 2 disks

-are part of the Tendu Toning® Workout and will help you perform the exercises correctly and keep them challenging 

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